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GOT Baits For all your Bait Requirements

Welcome to SconeZone, Floats by design, powerful beyond belief with ease of use.

we hope you enjoy your stay and find a pattern that suits your requirements: Powered by StickyFrog.

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Functionality All SconeZone designs are specifically chosen to provide ultimate functionality in all situations. In short, they work..!

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Compatible Although most SconeZone designs are innovative, they are all compatible with current, commercially available patterns. SconeZone has however, taken the build quality one stage further..!

Style and Design

Style and Design SconeZone recognises that today’s match-angler is choosy with the tackle they have in their boxes. With this in mind, all designs are specifically geared to not only performing as they should, but looking great too..!

One Colour

One Colour All SconeZone floats are finished in Candy-Gold “Camo” paint with 2 coats of high-gloss, durable Spider-Bite varnish. No other manufacturer uses this finish, so when you open your trays, you will instantly know what floats are favourite…SconeZone..!

October 2013 Posted by Scone

Sconezone Floats…a brief history.

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I have been designing and manufacturing pole-floats since 2006, but have always had a keen interest in offering the angler "something different." But there was always a problem… As a keen competitive angler myself, it was quite clear that some commercially manufactured floats were just not up to the job, and it also became blindingly obvious that the brilliant hand-made equivalents were so in demand, that you could not get hold of them. I myself, was snowed-under with orders so I decided to try to do something about "bridging the gap" between commercial availability and hand-made quality and I have worked with some of Europe's top manufacturers to get what I want. I now offer 20 patterns to suit all aspects of commercial fishery pole work; all have been designed, extensively tested and postal-copyrighted by myself. I now supply floats to a host of the country's top anglers including Andy May, Dave Swain, Gary Thorpe, Welsh International Martin Churchill and two-time Fisho-mania winner, Matt Hall as well as the top Youth Team in the UK, Worksop Juniors. All Sconezone floats are all hand-assembled in Europe, and finished with 3 coats of paint and 2 coats of very high-spec "Spider-Bite paint and Varnish."

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