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Here at SconeZone, we have worked with some of the country’s leading anglers such as Matt Hall, Andy May and Dave Swain to bring you a complete range of pole-floats which will enable any angler to present any bait in any given situation on today’s commercial fisheries.

Scone has fished at UK Championships level over the past 10 years and has a wealth of product design experience gained through his role as Product Development Manager at Maver U.K.
This ensures that you, the angler, will get the very best floats available when you choose SconeZone as they are designed by anglers for anglers.

SconeZone is the home of the U.K.’s most recognisable shallow fishing float, the “Wellardz” and some of the strongest, commercially available patterns such as the “Samurai” Edge-Float and the ultimate in deeper-water bagging floats, the “V12”. But it’s not all about power…we have some of the best F1 floats around in the “V8” and the wire-stemmed “Black-Widowz”.
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