SconZone Floats Style and Design

Functionality….. All SconeZone designs are specifically chosen to provide ultimate functionality in all situations. In short, they work..!

Compatible….. Although most SconeZone designs are innovative, they are all compatible with current, commercially available patterns. SconeZone has however, taken the build quality one stage further..!

Style and Design….. SconeZone recognises that today’s match-angler is choosy with the tackle they have in their boxes. With this in mind, all designs are specifically geared to not only performing as they should, but looking great too..!

Colour….. All SconeZone floats are finished in Candy-Gold or Black-Red “Camo” paint with 2 coats of high-gloss, durable Spider-Bite varnish. No other manufacturer uses this finish, so when you open your trays, you will instantly know what floats are favourite…SconeZone..!