Welcome to the New SconeZone site

Welcome to the SconeZone..!

In 2005, SconeZone was started with the intention of giving all commercial-water anglers the chance to have pole-floats in their boxes which rivalled anything else on the market in terms of strength, build-quality, finish and usability.

Stemming from Scone’s abilities as a Product-Designer for one of the UK’s largest tackle manufacturers, the pole-float range offered, quickly became the go-to items of terminal tackle for many, including Fisho-mania champions and finalists such as Matt Hall, Dave Swain and Andy May.

The demand soon became so great that Sconezone decided to utilise one of Europe’s leading manufacturers to make all the designs in the range. Quality of finish improved and whilst not truly “hand-made”, each and every SconeZone float is hand assembled from the finest materials available using CNC ground float-bodies which are extremely accurately machined, guaranteeing the end-user a product which not only looks good, but performs better than the rest.

In early 2017, SconeZone was acquired by John Pinkney who now owns Peg-One Angling Limited and also is involved in the manufacture & sales of various other angling products. The SconeZone range continues to have the same attention to detail and quality products as it always has, with the only difference being where they are distributed from; indeed, Scone will always continue to ensure that all patterns are designed and manufactured to the very highest of standards.

If you know what’s-what as an angler, you would be advised to choose as you always have. SconeZone Pole Floats are quite simply, unrivalled in terms of quality, so keep using them…they are the best..!